The 3 R's of Social Media

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Social media is an important tool for websites and businesses of all types, as it can help boost a website’s audience by a huge margin. 

 Developing Your Social Media Campaign. 

Here are the three R’s for smart social media use.

  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Reciprocation
RELIABILITY:Consistency is vital on the web, and it is a very important aspect of building your brand online.
Whenever you use social media sites, you should work to build a reputation of reliability. In doing so, you should focus on both frequency and quality.

The same goes for consistency in the quality of your content. You should work on having frequent posts, but quality should be your first priority. 

Respect is vital in the social media world, and it is another big part of building your brand.
In order to attract more followers, you will need to project professionalism in your social media work. Sometimes, your content can be very quirky and weird.


Readers always appreciate when you, as the website author actively engage in conversation with them. Rather than waiting for users to run a conversation by themselves, you can click and comment on their links, too, so that the relationship feels more authentic.
It isn't all about selling it's about forming relationships,  

Knowing the importance and following the 3 R's of Social Media can make it happen - Don't Make Excuses

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