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Inhale Confidence - Exhale Doubt

Hi, Helen Here! 
I have read a lot of books on how to build a successful business. I have read an extensive range of “how to” books for a range of different entrepreneurs. Believe it or not, every book I have read has at least had one chapter about confidence and how it is the key to success.
Confidence plays a major role in everyone’s lives, it is said that people with high levels of confidence expect and experience greater success. How we think and feel about ourselves has an enormous impact on how we perform in our business.
But you must be asking yourself, why is confidence the key to success for my business? Well, I like to say that confidence is defined as how strongly you believe in your capabilities to learn new skills, perform at a certain level, attain a goal or achieve your own definition of success. It is no secret that confidence is the most important psychological contributor to performance in the business world because you may have all of the ability in the world to acco…

Knowledge Improves Performance and Profitability

Hi, Helen Here. 

It is no secret that having business knowledge improves your performance and profitability. But, unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand the concept and how to harness it. 

Using knowledge in your business doesn’t mean that you have to think up clever new ideas, products or services. It is much more straightforward. Useful and important knowledge can be the experience you gain from your employees, the designs and process of your goods or services, the way you sort your documentation, your plans for future activities and much more. 

The challenge isn’t gaining and being exposed to this knowledge, it is harnessing it and using it in a productive way. You can gain the knowledge by your customers, your employee’s or suppliers, the market, organisational memory and the list can go on.  

So, consider the measurable benefits of capturing the knowledge and using it effectively. There are a range of outcomes that could happen. 

Maybe there will be an improvement in the goods…