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Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Hi, Helen Here. 
“Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” is known as the magic 5 P’s of success. So, let’s break it down. 
Prior: Being able to plan to execute a task before it is needed to be done.

Tip 1: Know yourself, don’t set your expectations to high. If you need to meet a deadline, schedule when you are going to do it when it best suits you. Don’t plan it when you know you won’t be able to execute this.
Tip 2: Make sure that you have your resources ready in the “prior” stage, this way you can get started straight on the task and not spending valuable time searching for the resources you need.
Planning: A detailed, well-thought out Plan is important when starting a task. You need to think about what time you have and when it will fit in with you.

Tip 1: Use an organiser – that way you can keep track of all of your appointments and so forth.
Tip 2: Make lists and prioritise them.
Prevents: There will always be something that will scupper you plans, it is always a good idea to have …